Our Story

Iruda Atelier is the Griffintown, Montreal-based flower workshop of Iruda Kim. Our creations are inspired by emerging trends in the dynamic South Korean flower industry. Our online shop specializes in bouquets, wreaths, and other various arrangements and accessories primarily using Premium Dried Flowers and silk flowers. Our creations are made to last much longer than typical flowers, so you no longer have to watch beauty fade before your eyes.

We also hold regular flower workshops, offer restaurant, shop and home decor services, and have tables featured at market events around Montreal.

What are Premium Dried Flowers?

Premium Dried Flowers are what we call a superior form of dried flower created using the most advanced preservation methods available to retain the shape, colour and beauty of flowers for up to 24 months. The less direct sunlight, the longer Premium Dried Flowers will last. Why fall in love with flowers that go bad so soon when you can enjoy them for a year or more instead? Don’t force a special someone to throw away your precious gift in two weeks — buy real flowers that are made to last!

  • Real flowers that last 6 to 24 months (depending on direct sunlight).
  • No need to worry about buying flowers in advance of a big event–they won’t go bad if you buy them a week or even a month early!
A cotton bulb Premium Dried Flower bouquet.

The Iruda Process

  • Cleaning
  • Colouring
  • Conditioning
  • Trimming
  • Drying
Premium Dried Roses