Beloved Bubble – Tulips (SOLD OUT)


The flower bubble is IRUDA’s exclusive product.

It contains Real-touch artificial tulips, a label sticker, and a balloon stand.

  • Please write YOUR OWN LABEL during checkout.
  • The PVC bubble is durable and transparent. The air in the bubble will last more than 4 weeks.
  • Our high-quality artificial tulips can be used to decorate your space afterward.
  • Size: 38~40 inches around

*Optional box with Ribbon: +$7

*Optional Crown on the top of the Bubble: +$7

please indicate you would also like a box or crown in your order notes and we will add it to your total upon payment

*Preparation time: Minimum 24 hours 

Shipping availability: Product is not available for shipping at this time.

Out of stock

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